Cordonnier mal chaussé

Same old goodness in a new and improved package. The design of my own website gets a much deserved update in 2 major aspects.

For starters, it’s more white. A special attention was given to the fonts and space to allow the words, and work, to live free and breathe easy.

The second aspect, even more important than the first, but neglected for too long, was the actual Design of the website. One might be left to believe that design is all about making things pretty and minimal (and it ideally is), but without good functionality, all this nifty work quickly goes to waste.

I’ve been recently working on many projects as a consultant and as an IA & UX designer, and it didn’t take long for me to realize that my own site was lacking the #1 most important feature any site should have: Informing your user. When visiting the initial landpage of the site, you had absolutely no idea who I was or what I did and thus could not make out what the purpose of this website was.

It’s a classic case of “Le cordonnier mal chaussé.” And it was high time to get new shoes.

Expect a few new updates to come this way soon.


Updated Website

A bunch of new and not-so-new projects were added through out the site. New branding projects can be found in the Print section. And some new websites can be found, well obviously, in the Websites section. Here is a quick summary of each project.

Michael Flomen.

Flomen’s work is, to say the least, out of this world. First off, he’s a photographer that doesn’t take pictures, but makes them. By using film, Flomen spends countless hours in nature’s night light capturing the subtle interaction happening in the wilderness such as ripples of wind in a pawn or snow flakes landing directly on the film.

The result are images that lead the viewer to dive in an imaginary world almost alien-like to us. Check out the documentary in the Film section.

Designed by Boha, this website manages to describe Michael Flomen through introductory quotes about him and his work in each section without ever making use of an About section. Genius! The typography work is also worth mentioning with big bold white (or very dark grey) Helvetica type across the site. Love it.

Heidi Bronstein

Food stylist extraordinaire, Heidi’s website is a simple 4 page portfolio site showcasing her work as well as describing who she is, who she worked for and what photographers she worked with – and they are good. The quality of her work is visually delicious.

Fondation Québécoise pour la Danse Contemporaine

FQDC Branding

The FQDC is a non-profit organization dedicated to bring contemporary dance to schools and communities, and bring the streets to the dance through projects such as Danse dans la rue and Artistes Sans Frontières.

Recently hired as an Art Director for the Communications department, my first mandate was to round up the main organization and it’s 3 permanent projects under a uniting visual that managed to reflect the mission of each.

With a few references, Hélène Pingant headed on to design a nice logo for Danse Dans La Rue by creating an actual stencil, spray painting it and then turning the result into a vector graphic. She also worked wonders with the logo for La Friche by sketching out the 2 main letters, and dropping a nice clean typography.

I had a moment of clarity when it came down to creating the FQDC logo, with smooth curves and clean lines. And the Artist Sans Frontières logo uses some good old paint strokes technique that I enjoy.

Fake Studio

Fake Branding

Back in 2008 I was initially hired as a Junior Compositor on a job for Volkswagen’s online campaign.  Most of my time was spent rotoscoping and keying footage. I think my work turned out ok cause they kept me for the next few jobs on Molson’s APP campaign. A year later, I had designed most of the briefs that were sent out to major Hollywood directors and studios, created the title for The Young Victoria and Lucidité Passagère, as well as produced the credit rolls for a few more movies and websites for the company. My mandate ended with the rebranding of the company. Fake Studio became just FAKE. A new logo was created with the entire branding from business cards and letter heads to equipment and apparel to a temporary website and newsletters. More can be found in the Print section.


A Trilogy of Updates (In 4 Parts)

The website will be going through some minor changes and additions through-out the next month or so.

Update Part 0 / The Layout

The first part of the update already happenned. I went through every single project and completely re-wrote all the credits. I also simplified the layout by removing a bunch of clunky and useless boxes. And they all have nice titles now too. Viva el Gothic!

Update Part I / Visual Content

I have quite  a few new, and not-so-new, projets that shall be added to the site. To mention a few, Michael Flomen‘s website, Heidi Bronstein‘s website, Fake Studio‘s website and branding, and more. This update has yet to happen since I skipped right into part 2…

Update Part II / The Blog

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now. Two things were stopping me from implementing my own blog. 1) It was important for me that the blog be a part of my website and not sit at some other address with some default template look. 2) I dreaded looking at eternally long stylesheets and changing code I couldn’t fully grasp.

Clearly, all this is changing now.

After finding myself a nice little WordPress theme called Notepad from N.Design,I decided to open the CSS file and hack away at the code. In the process, I got the inspiration to re-design the menu, and took an extra few hours to integrate it to the website. Looking at it now, I’m wondering if it should go back to being white instead of black… Either way, I’m pretty excited at the idea of turning towards more HTML & CSS driven sites in order to leave Flash to the past.

Things one could expect to find on this blog:

  • Previews of the projects being worked on when permitted by clients
  • Glimpses into more personal projects
  • Walkthroughs to explain the making of how certain projects came to existence
  • Some of my own personal reflections on matters of design and technology
  • And probably a bunch of links to articles on latest trends and technologies that are inspirational

Update Part III / Written Content

Coming full circle with more text editing tasks. The entire website will be revised with a strong focus on the About section which is way too old in it’s age, and too young in it’s style of writing. I’ve grown, and my bio needs to do so as well. I plan to  develop a Services section to help future clients understand the workload behind any given project and how my acquired experience and creative vision can contribute to better their projects.

It’s been a good day (and night). After 24 hours straight of coding, image-resizing and html integration, safe to say we can call it a day.



Coming Soon

As I complete the few tweaks of this blog, I dedicate this first post to Martin Perron (1979 – 2009).

Martin, if only I had the pleasure to share with you the joy of my work (and learning curve) of the past 24 hours. You wouldn’t hesitate to challenge my aesthetic choices and propose your help in any way to better this project of mine. We would surely laugh and get all geeky for a minute. I’d probably get all pissed and offended at some point cause you would say something completely inappropriate. But in the end, I know you would fully share the pride I have in myself for accomplishing this project of mine. And it would make me so happy to share this feeling with you.

You taught me a greater lesson. To share our passion with the world, no matter the adversity.

And this I shall do.

You live in the heart and soul of many people. And no doubt, computers too.

One Love.