Motion Graphics

Motion Design for the 2011 NEON & HIGHFOOD Festival

The past 36 hours were spent developing and animating the visuals that will be used for the 2011 NEON & HIGHFOOD festival happening all weekend at la Société des Arts Technologiques.

Inspired from the branding developed by Neon Productions, the animations we created was to be used during the event to set the mood and discreetly play in the background as people enjoyed their music, drinks and dancing. We opted to use the repeated linear elements, but display them in a slightly more organic way with an added digital twist.

Here is a preview of some of the visuals used to promote Scion.

Art Direction Neon Productions
Motion Design by Patrick Béland

More info on the event can be found on the website.

Music used in the video is from Simian Mobile Disco’s Delicatessen warehouse DJ Set, which can be downloaded here:

Live at the event:

Pictures by I LOVE NEON © 2011.