Coming Soon

As I complete the few tweaks of this blog, I dedicate this first post to Martin Perron (1979 – 2009).

Martin, if only I had the pleasure to share with you the joy of my work (and learning curve) of the past 24 hours. You wouldn’t hesitate to challenge my aesthetic choices and propose your help in any way to better this project of mine. We would surely laugh and get all geeky for a minute. I’d probably get all pissed and offended at some point cause you would say something completely inappropriate. But in the end, I know you would fully share the pride I have in myself for accomplishing this project of mine. And it would make me so happy to share this feeling with you.

You taught me a greater lesson. To share our passion with the world, no matter the adversity.

And this I shall do.

You live in the heart and soul of many people. And no doubt, computers too.

One Love.